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“Life is a beautiful sport”

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Speciality of the store

The LACOSTE brand is the legend about a fantastic French tennis player, René Lacoste, a star of the courts at Wimbledon, Forest Hills, and Roland Garros. He invented the sport as we know it today while remaining faithful to traditional values. From these values and the idea of the sport to which they were linked, René Lacoste, the Champion, invented sportswear. Lacoste Budapest Fashion Street is the first and flagship boutique of the brand in Hungary. Our multi-language Team will be happy to invite you to Lacoste World and show you our DNA: tennis-, golf- and yachting-inspired collections.

We are very proud of our heritage, but we are looking to the future with courage. In Lacoste boutique at Fashion Street, you can find a premium selection of three lines of Lacoste products: Lacoste Classic (smart casual line), Lacoste SPORT and Lacoste LIVE and exclusive selection of footwear, bags, and small accessories, which all display the famous crocodile. To own a piece of Lacoste is to truly own a piece of a Legend!

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