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As a premium fibre, cashmere offers a discreet charm. Falconeri has always been synonymous with high-quality clothing that exudes sophisticated and timeless elegance. The designs embody the brand’s seasonless philosophy, transcending short-lived fads and passing trends, and succeed in combining sumptuous, luxury yarn with affordable, democratic prices. Every garment is an investment piece designed to last a lifetime, saved from the trappings of disposable fashion. Brought to life through innovation and Made in Italy expertise, these are styles that can be passed down from generation to generation, like precious heirlooms.

Nowadays, Falconeri is a certainty for cashmere lovers who seek for materials quality, with an addition of casual and timeless style. This is how Falconeri Superior Cashmere was born, a precious yarn able to make a garment timeless and versatile at the same time, for a modern and easy-chic taste.

The colors, with a broad and contemporary palette, are the detail to differentiate each outfit with a distinctive touch, as unique as the personality of its owner.

Falconeri Dream

We believe in long-lasting beauty.
Not in fast fashion. Not in the excesses of luxury.
Our secret is a magical combination of the finest natural fibers, Italian artisan skills and innovative production systems.
From the pastures of Mongolia to our stores, we make everything, removing any middlemen, caring deeply about every detail, including people and environment.
We believe in the highest quality cashmere at amazing prices.
Extraordinary products for extraordinary people.
This is the evolution of luxury.

This is Falconeri

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