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Speciality of the store

Delizia is not just a business. It is simultaneously a corner spice market, gastro-bar, bakery, cafe, delicatessen. A place for quick meetings, weekend and casual shopping, brunches and toasting. Our goal is to create an environment in which our guests meet a new dimension of shopping in the middle of the city center.

In addition to carefully selected goods of the highest quality from all over the world, we also consider it important to introduce the best Hungarian handicraft products to our domestic and foreign customers. In addition to basic food, our store includes cheese, ham and meat specialties, wine, champagne and other beverage specialties, premium quality chocolates, sweets, jams and teas, as well as ingredients from Far Eastern cuisines and many other exclusive products. At Delizia Gourmet, the range of services is above average: highly qualified team, tastings, workshops, product presentations, rich selection of antipasti, delivery, on-site or even home catering and cold bowl service. Our store also provides a solution for our customers with special needs, be it gluten- and lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, organic or GMO-free products.

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