Dear Fashion Lover,

We, just like you, live and die for fashion.

Since we can't live without fashion and style we created a special place in the heart of Budapest. We promise you that we won't sleep until you're satisfied with the experience in this street.

Yours truly,

Immobilia Plc.

Developer of Fashion Street

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Fashion Street Magazine was first launched in 2014. It is dedicated to fashion, entertainment, culture and nightlife/gastronomy. The thematic magazine features fashion photoshoots, articles, reports, interviews, cultural and highlife related written and visual content. Each issue is approximately 120 pages and is distributed in a minimum of 18 000 copies.

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Brands are not equal with fashion and fashion is not equal with style. Brands are promises for quality, care and attention to details. This is why we only have the best brands in our street.


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Opinions about the street

“As a proud owner of the historical Adria Palace, housing the luxurious The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest, I often had the chance to take a walk and discover the iconic building blocks of Fashion Street. Reflecting on the years I have been returning to the majestic city of Budapest I have witnessed the many captivating changes that have revived the area, turning it into the magnificent street of style, that it is today.”
“Fashion Street is a distinctive and inspiring shopping street concept in the heart of Budapest. A stylish environment with a broad variety of international brands.”
“Stay at the centre of fashion - Kempinski Corvinus is in Fashion Street, the hub of urban cool.”